When everyone is counting on your product, count on Qualitel for high-reliability printed circuit board (PCB) assembly. Qualitel reduces and eliminates delays in the PCB assembly process.

Qualitel uses redundant equipment and state of the art facility that includes:

  • ESD Work Stations with Active Monitoring
  • 2 Wave/4 Selective Soldering Systems
  • Lead Free/Leaded/No-Clean Soldering
  • BGA Rework & X-Ray Equipment


When your mission-critical product demands reliable PCB assemblies, Qualitel is the top choice of manufacturers around the globe. We manufacture complex printed circuit board assemblies for aerospace, medical, defense and other industries where one return is one too many.


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    IPC/J-Std-001 Certified Technicians

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    Redundant Selective and Wave Soldering

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    De-ionized Aqueous Wash

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    Wash/No-Clean/Lead Free